"Discover a healthier happier you" - Sinéad Bradbury


"Thanks for all your help and advice Sinead, you were first class. Thanks again."

Patrick O'Connor, Clare Hurling Team 2011

"Very knowledgeable speaker. Found talk extremely useful and left with a different perspective on food."

Colum Thore, Employee, Renaissance Reinsurance Ireland, Dublin 2

"Sinead, you are a super star! I can't recommend your personal consultations highly enough to everyone I meet; your advice has been invaluable and I am feeling like a million dollars these days. 

Detox is going well thanks to you, three weeks in now!"

Clare Kambamettu, 2011 Rose of Tralee

"In preparation for my 1st Ironman I received loads of advice, the best of which was - work with a nutritionist and a good one. 

Working with Sinead Bradbury in the months leading up to the race had a dual effect, whilst before I met Sinead I was fit, healthy and had a relatively good diet, it needed to be changed, not just for the race preparation but for the busy life I was living from running my own business, managing a large family and to cope with 20 hours training a week.

I instantly saw the results of the work I was doing with Sinead and the great thing was, I didn't have to change too much. 

I am delighted I can now say I'm an Ironman and the single most important factor in getting me there was having the right nutrition."


Patrick Brennan, Managing Director, Snap Printing

“Thank you very much for your comprehensive dietary report and advice.I have incorporated the changes you recommended and it has helped me greatly.”

Diarmaid Blake, Galway Senior Football Team

"I still can't believe that the small changes Sinead has suggested for my lifestyle have had such an impact. By following some healthy guidelines not only have I lost weight, but feel great and am much happier. I now have lots more energy and feel so much healthier and have a better outlook on life now too. 

The changes were easy to put into my daily routine. Sinead has really showed me a new way of life and that it is not a"diet" as the new foods are so much more tasty and I probably eat much more food now than I ever did, the only difference being that it is much better food now and my body and mind thank me for it!"

Nuala Kavanagh

"After having my second child and burning the candle at both ends at work, I decided that it was time to do something for myself and my own health. I can say that this was a resounding success for both my physical and emotional health. 

After a couple of weeks I began to notice that my staff were living life as I did in my twenties. I listened every day to stories of failed diets, migraines, digestive problems, skin problems etc. So i decided it was time to give these girls the knowledge to change if they wanted to.

In my business I recognise that if staff are not happy there is little chance the customer will leave happy. So I sent my staff to a half day workshop at Sinead Bradbury's Health & Nutrition Clinic. Some were reluctant at the beginning but in the end they were already talking about what was going to change for them. 

The staff canteen is now a different place with healthy lunches, seeds and fruit. Without doubt the atmosphere is a positive one and our customers are noticing this as well."

Orla Fitzgerald, Revas Spa Director, Adare, Co. Limerick

fter winning the Six Weeks to Success Competition it was no time before the team was measuring, weighing and analysing my every move. Central to this was a change of dietary and fitness regimes as well as the introduction of a sleep regime.  

I had always assumed that because I would eat a wide variety of foods that I had a healthy diet and that the cause of my weight was down to something else entirely.  After Sinead analysed my diet it quickly became apparent where the problems lay and it wasn’t the array of food I was eating, it was the amount as well as the types of food.  

Dieting was never a strong point with me because it meant either eating food I did not like or it meant being hungry which is a feeling I detest. All my fears were allayed though when I got the plan sent back to me by Sinéad.  

There were lots of new food types introduced and after a few days it was as if I never had a bad diet in the first place. Foods such as Quinoa were entirely new to me as were the use of berries and nuts as snacks instead of salt-laden fixes at the cinema.  

There was a bit of will power required at the start but this was more to do with changing habits than anything else. But for me the biggest surprise was at my first weigh-in after a week of diet and exercise when I lost eight pounds.  

This continued at a regular pace over the six weeks and even after the programme was over I have still continued on a downward spiral weight wise. My dreadful snoring has stopped which means that not only do I get a decent sleep myself but so do my family. I still carry an inhaler but since the start of the programme have not used it once.  

Up to now I have lost over four stone from my peak weight and for the first time in years I can see myself at a rather svelte and fit 15 stone, which would be 5.5 stone down from my heaviest.  But the most remarkable thing is that I have not done this by starving myself and hunger is not an issue.  

Thanks to Sinéad I have my life and health back and because of her I can now attest as to how making some changes can have a real and lasting effect on your quality of life. Thanks a million Sinéad." 

Jim Hartnett

"I asked Sinead to come to Rehabcare to run a  programme on nutrition awarenessas. I observed that it was becoming an issue of concern in the group. Sinead surpassed all of our expectations by providing the group with education around making healthy choices and by facilitating a sharing and caring environment so that all the participants felt comfortable to be honest about their habits. 

The participants learned about their own triggers and they learned individual ‘tricks’ to manage the triggers. The ‘weigh-in’ was something of a concern for me as I didn’t want anyone to feel under pressure but Sinead introduced it in a subtle way that meant that it was a motivating factor in changing habits. 

It was evident that Sinead facilitated sessions that allowed participants to take control of their own health and wellbeing (and that of others - staff lunches get analysed on a daily basis  for ‘bad fats’ and ‘hidden sugar’!) We will be delighted to work with Sinead again."

Jessica Curtis, 

Programmes Supervisor, RehabCare

"Sinead’s class was very good because I learned a lot about healthy eating and it helped me sleep better. My feet weren’t as tired because I did more exercise and I stopped sitting in front of the television. I used to be a devil for the biscuits but now I do have an orange before bed and I don’t put sugar in my tea anymore. I bring the brown roll with me to work all the time. I’ve lost some weight and I fell good about myself and I’ve more energy. Thank you for all your help."

Pat Dunne, Participant in The Nutrition Awareness Programme, RehabCare

"I don’t get any more headaches because I gave up the sweet things like biscuits with my tea. Sinead taught me to eat more fruit and have better snacks like oatcakes which I now love! I did more cycling and soccer because I learned that it makes me feel better and be more healthy. Doing these things helped me be less moody, I do have a tough time with that in the mornings sometimes. Go raibh maith agat Sinead!"

Martina Joyce, 

Participant in The Nutrition Awareness Programme, RehabCare

"Thank you for letting me know how many fats in the foods and where there is sugar – I was really shocked about the nine teaspoons of sugar in Coke, I’m never having one again! I feel better without too much sugar in my body. It helps me to keep going myself, I think it helped me have no pain in my legs. Thank you very much for putting me into the right understanding of food."

Fiona O’Donnell, 

Participant in The Nutrition Awareness Programme, RehabCare