"Discover a healthier happier you" - Sinéad Bradbury


Q. How long will it take to feel better on your healthy regime

You should start feeling better after one week. The longer you continue to nourish your body, the better you will feel. You will not want to lose the great feeling healthy eating brings - tastes better than any chocolate treat.

Q. What foods do you recommend eating on your programme 

A. I get asked a lot by sceptics, will I be eating like a rabbit? The answer is no. You will be eating foods that are compatible with your body, and easy to digest, foods that will bring you energy and vitality. It encompasses a whole variety of foods. Healthy eating is nothing to do with denying yourself and everything to do with eating in abundance, but an abundance of the right type of foods. 

Q. In relation to your group sessions, can they be held in my house or a friend's house? 

A. Yes, most of my work is conducted off site in businesses, homes or clubs. Group sessions most often occur at evening time.

Q. Do you conduct allergy testing at your clinic? 

A. Yes, I have a range of blood tests that can be conducted easily and efficiently to identify food allergies, intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, homocysteine levels, etc.