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A healthier staff means a more productive staff. A more productive staff means a healthier business.

In the current economic climate businesses are working extremely hard to do what they can to survive and thrive in these challenging times. According to latest research conducted by Yakult Laboratories, 60% of the workforce will miss days through winter-related health issues while 85% of employees suffer from the winter blues.

My Employee Wellbeing Workshops assist employers to deal with these challenges by educating staff on what they can to do to become a more balanced and empowered individual.

These workshops are customised to each company, working with the employer to address any areas they feel employees need assistance with.

My workshops have the added benefit of nurturing employee appreciation. They have led to closer bonds between management and staff as they share the common goal of striving to become a healthier individual. Employees are very grateful to their employer for nurturing this investment in their health.

It has been very rewarding to see the positive and dramatic results attendees have achieved by adopting the dietary and lifestyle techniques explained in the workshop.