"Discover a healthier happier you" - Sinéad Bradbury

Weekly Tip:

Could you have a food intolerance? Symptoms include digestive upset, headaches, weight gain, food cravings, fatigue. Book in for a test at the clinic to find out if food intolerances are at the root of your symptoms.

Sinead Bradbury: Nutritionist & Health Consultant Galway

Fully qualified nutritional therapist based in Galway, offering comprehensive dietary and nutritional advice on all aspects of health.,  medical advice, weight loss advice, sports nutrition or general healthy eating guidelines, I aim to educate you regarding diet and nutrition.

Want to achieve a healthier you?

When you choose to optimise your diet and consume foods that are right for your body and lifestyle, it can have a profoundly positive effect on your personal, sporting and business goals.

I can help you make lifestyle and dietary changes that will lead you to feeling empowered, healthy and balanced. 

I take pride in developing individualized plans with practical tips and strategies for busy lifestyles. So why not contact me today...

                                                       Let me help you bring out the best in yourself